Our Philosophy
To guarantee the services provided to our partners with the best quality, most effective & efficient way. Achieving the endless level of customer satisfaction at the profound cost, controlled by our experienced & integrity staffs through our teamwork.
Our Approach
Active DevOps teams manage their operational data in an accessible location, and they rely on cloud-based tools to simplify access, collaboration, and analysis. Fort 313 renders skilled resources, tools and direction in executing trending technologies and delivery processes including Agile and Microservices architecture.

We deliver value to your business, What another only promise.

We build scalable solutions for our clients that last the test of time. We continuously look for trends to improve and be more productive. Our team prides itself on our attention to details, delivering business value and focusing on long term partner success.

Strategic Alignment
A process for continuously align development role and responsibilities with business strategy and priorities.
Flexible workforce
A flexible and highly skilled workforce of internal and external resources, driving the exchange of knowledge and skills between business and development process.
Digital Backbone
A set of cloud base tools to provide insights, controls, and compliance and drive efficiency.
Balanced Structure
The development structure is balancing a central need for information, opportunity identification, and control of risk with services commitment.
Formulating innovation together

Two major trends that have developed in the enterprise are Microservices and DevOps. Both are processes that are created to offer exceptional agility and operational efficiency for the business, DevOps paragon is a fundamental component of Microservice excellence. Microservice architecture developed from a standard set of DevOps concepts that developed its growth at companies like Amazon, Netflix, SoundCloud, Facebook, Google and many others. In different cases, these companies began with monolithic applications, which quickly emerged into decomposed services, which then transferred via APIs and other network-based messaging protocols to magnify the implications of a microservices-based architecture.

Dev/ops is the process, systems, and tools that improve an organization’s capability to deliver applications and services at high speed: developing and enhancing products at a faster pace than organizations using learned software development and infrastructure management methods. This acceleration empowers organizations to assist their customers better and compete more efficiently in the market.
Micro Services
Microservices applies to an architectural approach that autonomous teams use to prioritize the continuous delivery of independent agile services. The microservices model is the antithesis of traditional monolithic software which consists of tightly combined modules that ship occasionally and have to scale as a single unit. Believed the monolithic strategy works good for some organizations and applications, Microservices is growing successful with companies that need higher agility and scalability.
We ensure the provision of resilient services to our partners - from Dev/Ops to deployment - bringing simplicity and clarity to all their agile development needs.
For businesses to excel in today's competitive marketplaces, they need to be quicker in penetrating their respective markets. Agile development is one way in which businesses can ensure a continuous delivery of services and an increasingly evolving system. With a myriad of disparate systems vying for use in an ever-growing connected world, there needs to be a sense of clarity and semblance to the establishment of processes that bring these systems together. Therefore, we ensure that the entire service infrastructure of our partners is right for their respective needs - from Dev/Ops to microservices, development to deployment. We bring simplicity to the fray with resilient, flexible and autonomous services in place.

Dev/Ops and Microservice Work Great Together.

  • Leverage cloud architecture to manage costs
  • Lowered complexity and enhanced scalability
  • Development and operations teams manage access to the development cycle
  • Save and compare data from different applications and devices
  • Gives a uniform ecosystem from development to production
  • Cloud-based administration tools simplify access and analysis refreshed in real-time
  • Acknowledge and diagnose problems quickly
  • Manageable analytics and application production monitoring practices
  • Record transactions from client interaction to the IT support
  • Each microservice can be updated and deployed separately
  • A microservice has a sole focus, following in a small code base and shortened maintenance
You focus on your Ideas. We ensure your Development calls, 24/7 on-premises and in the cloud.